Prince Edward Island

June 2, 2018

Travel Blog... Prince Edward Island

Over the Memorial Day weekend Mr. and Mrs. Shuttleman took a quick trip up to Prince Edward Island.  Did I mention we love to travel?  Yes sports and portrait photography is what we do the most but our biggest passion is our family and traveling.  We planned this trip back in December time frame and had come up with a couple of ideas about where to go.  At the time we wanted to travel to some place warm so I'm not sure how we decided to head to Prince Edward Island (PEI) but we did.  

So what is there to see in PEI?  Well it most famous for Lucy Maud Montgomery of the Anne of Green Gables series of books.  She was always very descriptive of the island and was obviously in love with it.  I won't go in great detail but the primary industry on the island is farming (potato specifically).  We were there during planting season so there was a lot of great contrast between the red soil and green fields.  It was beautiful and the fields can go all the way to edge of the cliffs.  

The island is also known for the sand dunes and beaches that could have red sand and then white sand.  Since we were in the off season there were a lot of places closed but we still learned a lot about the area and the habitat.  I have lived by the coast for years but it was here where I got a great education on dune preservation.  Those dunes were great and the sand was wonderful.  We were there a week or two early because many of the bushes and dune grasses were still brown.  

Finally the area has more lighthouses than we had time to explore.  Most of them were small and made of wood.  I think most are really small but they are pretty cool.  In fact we were able to stay within just a few hundred yards from one of the most interesting (small light house surrounded by grass and dunes).  It was located on the beach but behind the dunes.   

I stink at writing so I will spare you further details.  

If you ever go gon't forget about the following:

  1. Small fishing villages
  2. Churches (amazing!!!)
  3. Bed and Breakfast/cottages
  4. Sunset and Sunrises
  5. Bridge onto the Island

Check out more photos here including photos of places mentioned above--->Gallery

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