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The following provides some additional information about pictures orders through Shuttleman Photography.


Please order before the due date in order to maximize your savings. Orders are placed with our printer in a single batch and will be delivered to the school. This allows us to offer prints at a lower rate due to the bulk ordering, as well as save money on shipping and delivery charges. Orders placed after the due date are subject to higher pricing and shipping.

Returning customers, please note some changes have been made in the packages.  The collages layouts have changed and additional prints have been added to each package.  You can use your same username and password as before.

Ordering a package maximizes the discounts on prints.  Packages include a collage (one picture of your athlete combined with a team picture) and various print sizes of the same pose.  Packages CANNOT be divided into multiple poses. However, once you order any package, you have the option to purchase additional prints at a discounted price. See this link for help: Additional Prints

Pictures, Edits, Special Requests

Final pictures will NOT have a gray/green background. The first pictures in the gallery give an example of how your final product will look. Color tone and brightness will be corrected prior to printing. Blemishes, hair removal, etc can be removed when you add the "Touch Up."  The Touch Up fee apply to all pictures of the same athlete in your order.  Other edits or specially requests can be applied with the "Special Edits" request.  Posters are printed on photo quality paper and can be personalize (name, school, number, etc.). Please place your request in the notes of the picture.

Now for the fun part: Take a moment to look at your pictures. We think your kids look great! Browse our catalog to see the many different items we have to offer, including all the cool stuff we mentioned above. As always, if you have any questions or need additional help, do not hesitate to reach out and we will answer as quickly as possible.


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