SHS Individual and Group Pictures

Order Due Date: April 28th at 11:59 PM

Welcome to the Individual and Group Gallery. This is where you will be able to order prints, poster, banners, key chains and much more.

If you have questions about Ordering, Pricing, Edits, and Special Requests please take a moment to click on the link for more information and help. 

Additional Information (click me)

  • USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION to look for your pictures.  Pictures are listed by last name and first name.
  • All pictures ordered on time will be delivered to the school/boosters for distribution.
  • The first picture in the gallery are example of the 10x13 collage.  Those ore only offered as part of a package
  • There are two options for group pictures.  The first is a simple composite on red background with no text.  That only comes in 10x20 print size.  The other option is individual pictures with names.  They come in two sizes, 40x30 and 20x15.  Please note the 20x15 will mean the text under the pictures will be very small and possibly hard to red.
  • You have two option for prints.  One is on the red and the other on the gray background.  HOWEVER the collages only come in the red background.  If you purchase a package with the gray background the collage will come in red!!
  • FINAL NOTE:  If your band member has a big instrument and you want the whole instrument in the picture you need to make a note in the order.  Otherwise we crop to maximize the focus on the face!  If your preview picture shows the instrument cut off that does NOT mean I don't have the full picture. 

  • Purchased downloads will be made available AFTER the Due Date
  • Try using the "Search Photos" function to look up your athlete (works if jersey number or name was provided prior to photo shoot).
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