Order Due Date: Feb 19th

Welcome to the Individual and Group Gallery. This is where you will be able to order prints, posters, banners, key chains and much more.

Please READ the following before clicking on the gallery

1.  Pictures are processed and printed in batches.  If ordered on time the pictures will be processed together AFTER the due date above.  We work on the pictures within 1-2 days of the end of the ordering period.  Processing and delivery to us can take a little time.  Please be patient and we will get your order to you has fast a we can.  

Orders after the due date will have increased pricing and a late fee for shipping and handling. Don't wait, order today.

2. Pictures are typically delivered to the school/boosters for distribution.  This option is FREE of additional charge.  If school/booster/organization distribution is not an option then a shipping charge will be applied and this option will not be offered.  

3.  ​New this year, we are showing pictures with the background already in placed.  However these are still just PROOFS.  Some tweaks will be made prior to deliver depending on the pose.  However the collages are not shown but will look like the SAMPLE collage at the top of the gallery.

4. We will apply standard cropping to all pictures!  YOU WILL NOT SEE FEET in standard pictures.  Most will be cropped around the waist or thighs depending on the pictures. You can suggest a cropping as part of the order selection but we reserve the right to adjust cropping to best fit the picture layout. We will always do our best to adjust the picture to hide the lack of a full uniform.

5.  Due to picture layout, TEAM PICTURES are only offer in 8x10 format.  If you want a copy in 16x20 size please contact us.

6. Special edits and blemish removal require an extra charge.  Please go to the last tab of the product list and had the edit fee.  You only need one edit fee for the whole order.

7.  Downloads:  Prices are per pose.  We do not currently offer any bundled pricing on downloads.  Dowloads will be made available AFTER the due date as they are processed with the rest of the orders.  In special cases we will excelerate the process, please contact use directly about those options.

8.  Payment: We use Paypal as our credit card process. If you have have Paypal already then you know what to do.  If you don't want to sign up for paypal that is NOT a program.  When checking out just "pay as a guest" and Paypal will just ask you for your information and process the payment for us.  

Need help?

1.  If you have questions about Ordering, Pricing, Edits, and Special Requests please take a moment to click on the links below for more information and help (video help). 

2.  Send us an email: or go to the top of the page an click on Contact.  

Please be considerate and purchase a download to use as your profile pictures on social media. 

SEARCH for your Pictures!!! The best way to find your photos is to use the Search function.  Search by number, first name or last name.  Do not search by both first and last name. 

Don't forget about blankets!!!  2 Size available


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